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White House Beach&Hotspring Resort is the most nearby beach resort in Taiwan. It is the only resort with beach and hotspring in Taiwan. It covers an area of about 40000 meter square. It is specially designed by famous domestic and foreign designers. European Style of Building, and the blue sky coupled with the shadows of southern coconut shadows, exposure to them, unwittingly feel the relax. By listening to the sound of the wave, watching the sea at the same time,and enjoying our Deep Ocean Hotspring provides mental relax.

Do you want to immediately put aside work pressure, forget the clamor, immediately flew to the "White House Beach Hotspring Resort", have a relaxation and liberation of heavy physical and mental?

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Business Vacation

Whole area WIFI, Room Service, and Copy and Fax service...


Guests can barbecue with a few friends while watching the sea, looking at the stars moon and enjoying the sea breeze...

Water Activities

A variety of water recreational activities , including jet ski, banana boat, sea chariots , windsurfing , sailing...


Thanks to all the broadcasting Media report about the unquie White House Beach Hotspring Resort...

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